Our whole life, our living space and our environment with living beings, revolves around relations. Without relations, there would be nothing. We experience the word “relation” as a word with many meanings and countless examples. From the perspective of today’s science, (physical) relationships begin at the level of atoms and end in the infinite universe, something similarly infinite to the humanistic perspective of non-physical relations.

From our earthly viewpoint, relations are in the environment, between living beings, between everything that exists and that we know, in the physical sense, interaction, coexistence, communication, in humans in relation to ourselves, others and the environment, to our perceptions, ideas, experiences, feelings, thoughts, plans, fears, memories, to the past, present and future. Relations represent us and our existence and the existence of others in relation to us, others or to the other, to everything that is not us.

Relations are attitudes, opinions, perspectives, prognoses, visions, analyses, anomalies, something that exists in a physical or mental sense, and last but not least, the absence of relations is also a relation. Relations are an eternal and unfinished subject.

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