Relations are intrinsic to all our lives, living spaces and environments. Without them, nothing would exist. The word ‘relations’ also has numerous meanings and there are countless examples. In modern science, (physical) relations start at the atomic level and end in infinite space. In the humanities, something similarly infinite would be non-physical relations.

From our earthly perspective, relations exist in the environment, between living beings, and among everything we know that exists. In a physical sense, they manifest themselves through interactions, coexistence, and communication. Among humans, they arise in the relations we have with ourselves, others and the environment. In terms of our perceptions, they flow through our notions, experiences, emotions, thoughts, plans, fears, memories – and towards the past, present, and future. Relations represent us and our existence – and how we see others. They are based on viewpoints, opinions, perspectives, prognoses, visions, analyses and anomalies, all of which exist in both a physical and spiritual sense; after all, the absence of any relations is a relation in itself. They are an eternal and unfinished subject.

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