What is freedom anyway?

Freedom is not stiff, it is flexible. Freedom is not white nor black nor red. It is a spectrum of colours. To some, freedom represents peace and quiet; to others, a letter to a loved one; to someone else, an image in the sand; to a child, jumping in ponds or sitting on a top branch of a tree. Freedom. Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

The last few years have radically changed our reality. First, the Corona virus, which utterly alienated us from each other; next, the opinion regarding vaccination, which divided us; and finally, the war in Ukraine, which also did not leave us indifferent. Therefore, this year’s topic of the festival is “freedom”.

Ten authors will present their view on “freedom”.

The Festival Days of Photography in the Goriška Region 2022 was created in cooperation with the institute Photo Dialogue. The presented photographs were first exhibited at Kranj Foto Fest 2021. Nearly a year later, a part of this programme arrived to Nova Gorica. You are kindly invited to visit!

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