Festival 2021
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Days of Photography
in the Goriška Region

With the project DAYS OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN GORIŠKA REGION, we wish to bring contemporary photography closer to the public and assure qualitative content. Therefore, we prepared a rich programme, which includes lectures, discussions, workshops and an exhibition.
Our goal is to promote contemporary photography and connect cultural institutions as well as creators in the field of contemporary authorial photography.


  • lectures “images of art”, where curators, lecturers, publishers and others represent their standpoints and perspectives on contemporary photography,
  • lectures “perspectives”, where individual authors represent their works,
  • “workshops” and
  • “joint exhibition of Slovene and Slovene minority photographers – “RELATIONS”.
Project, in which numerous Slovene and foreign internationally renowned lecturers and authors took part, was created in collaboration between photographer Maša Lancner, institute iManaLAB and institute for culture, sports, tourism and youth KŠTM Šempeter-Vrtojba. This project was sponsored by the Municipality of Šempeter-Vrtojba and Japanese Embassy.



11.12.2020 – Online event
Nobuyuki Kobayashi

6.7.2021 – Online event
Masato Okazaki

27.7.2021 – KŠTM Šempeter-Vrtojba
Primož Bizjak

Images of art
3.7.2021 – KŠTM Šempeter-Vrtojba
Yumi Goto

29.9.2021 – Online event
Rosa Isabel Vázquez

24.11.2021- Online event
Alejandro Castellote

13.7.2021 – Osnovna šola Ivana Roba
Delavnica kolaža – Meta Šolar

10.9.2021 – KŠTM Šempeter-Vrtojba
Delavnica unikatnih okvirjev – Ohad Danesh

10.11.2021 – Online dogodek
Delavnica camere obscure – Marko Vogrič

Exhibition Relations 1
All our lives, living spaces and environments are made out of relations. Without them, nothing would exist. The word ‘relation’ also has numerous meanings and there are countless examples. From modern science viewpoint, (physical) relationships start at the atomic level and end in infinite space. In the humanities, something similarly infinite would be non-physical relationships. Relations represent us and our existence as well as existence of others according to us, others or other things, and to everything else, which is not us.
Relations are something that is non-existent in a physical or spiritual sense; after all, the absence of any relationship is a relationship itself. They are an eternal and unfinished subject.
The coronavirus epidemic has drastically interfered and restricted all our lives, shifting our focus and changing our way of life. It has also affected the environment as well as artists and their work.

In this exhibition, the following photographers present their visions of relations: Nika Furlani, Maša Lancner, Matija Brumen, Andrej Furlan, Boštjan Pucelj and Jernej Skrt.
Denis Volk, curator

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