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Institute iManaLAB is a non-governmental organization working in the fields of art, culture and non-formal education.
Institute was founded in 2019. Our field of work includes organization of workshops, courses, exhibitions, lectures and cultural events. Workshops and courses are organized for adults as well as children.

We also have experience with teaching at institution for people with special needs and in prison.

We organize two festivals, namely Festival of cultures and languages – linGOcultura and Festival of contemporary authorial photography – Days of photography in the Goriška Region.

We believe in mission and power of art and culture in society, therefore we wish to become a successful centre, which could offer events of varied genres and activities for children, youth and adults.

In desire to connect artists, we are creating a residence that would work as an incubator for developing creative ideas, combining different forms of art and a place for intercultural dialogue and networking of professionals.

Every day can be a good opportunity for starting a new and good friendship or business cooperation.

Institute iManaLAB wishes to develop interest for different cultures and artistic types with its quality offer of activities and encourage dialogue between an active individual and society for a quality sustainable development and tolerant coexistence.

In our work and development, we try to comply with the following values – respect towards people and environment, socializing, cooperating and connecting as well as quality use of our free time.


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